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Coffee Cake Pound Cake







 My Pop-Pop was an amazing baker. One of my favorite recipes that he made was his Coffee Cake Pound Cake. It was a signature item for our family at every Christmas and Easter morning get together. I love that I can recreate those great memories that I have of my family, just by baking a batch of this yummy pound cake.

This starts out with a moist vanilla pound cake. When you cut into it, you will find a sweet cinnamon crumb marbled throughout. It is then topped with more cinnamon crumbs and a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.

This makes a wonderful addition to any breakfast or brunch spread. If you are not a breakfast fan, this also makes a great after dinner treat.


Oatmeal Bread










One of my favorite smells, in the whole world, is bread baking in the oven. And you may be surprised, but on most days, I would rather have a big slice of fresh, hot oatmeal bread smothered in butter, than a cupcake. Bread is a weakness of mine and my husband, and this Oatmeal Bread is our favorite.

I highly recommend this bread for sandwiches, toast, or my favorite – french toast. Yum!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes







Have you ever started to make chocolate chip cookies, and then decided that the cookie dough was just too yummy to bake into cookies, and so you ate the whole batch of cookie dough(possibly in one sitting)? If you like cookie dough, or chocolate chip cookies, then you will love this cupcake! It starts out with a brown sugar chocolate chip cake that is filled with an egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough. It is topped with a cookie dough frosting and then decorated with mini chocolate chips and a mini chocolate chip cookie. Yum! This cupcake is a huge hit at any gathering with children, or adults who are kids at heart.

Thanks to Joe Viger Photography for the beautiful photos!